Our Local Suppliers

Boehm’s Cafe

Ted and Barney’s Seasoning

Ted and Barney’s is the culmination of the love of food and the knowledge gained from being in the meat business for over forty years.

Ted Maxwell and Barney Barnhart grew up in Humboldt County, California.

They both met met when they worked for a local meat store in the northern part of Eureka in early 1970; which eventually led to them co-owning one of Eureka’s premier meat markets in the Old Town section of Eureka called, Eureka Meats.They soon became a staple whenever beef, fish, chicken, and especially, wild game was cooked.

Taylors Sausage

Since 1924 the Taylor family has been enjoying the experience of making fine sausage. Great Grandpa Taylor came from Europe with his recipes and started in Calgary, Alberta Canada, settling later in Santa Monica, California. Grandpa Taylor apprenticed with Great Grandpa, then began an adventure in 1934 in the world famous Farmer’s Market in Hollywood as one of its originators. He served our famous sausages to Hollywood stars for over 19 years at that location. Currently serving southern Oregon and northern California with a full deli and country store Cave Junction, OR.

Los Bagels

Los Bagels is a multicultural café with a blend of both Jewish and Mexican tastes and traditions, highlighting many different holidays like Dia de los Muertos, Hanukkah, Passover, and Mexican Independence Day. Los Bagels focuses on the common thread that brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together… Food. Los Bagels serves an eclectic assortment of pastries, breads, and goodies. One of the original founders, Dennis Rael, was raised in a multicultural family, both Latino and Jewish. These different traditions helped shape Los Bagels’ unique tastes and flavors. In 1984, Dennis, Peter Jermyn, and Paul Hebb decided to open Los Bagels out of an old butcher shop in Arcata. Los Bagels is known as a community gathering place, and is proud to serve traditional, boiled and baked bagels to the people of Humboldt County and beyond!

Cypress Grove

Founded in 1983, Cypress Grove Chevre is one of the best-known artisan goat cheese companies on he West Coast.

Fish Brothers

For the ultimate in smoked seafood look no further than Fish Brothers Smoked Fish. They specialize in excellent customer service and superior quality due to our ‘small batch’ approach to fish smoking. They are constantly searching for the highest possible quality product at the best affordable prices.

HeartFire Bakery

Re-creating the bread that she and mom baked every Saturday…fresh baked bread with a wonderful whole grain flavor, hot from the oven. HeartFire Bakery have recreated that amazing flavor and also made it gluten free! We’re happy to share our products with you and your family.

Mad River Farms

Robin and Terri hand deliver their products to Bella Baskets. All of their products are hand-crafted in small batches. Thry use only the finest select fruits and ingredients. You’ll find a variety of flavors to please even the most discriminating palate. They even offer traditional favorites such as native blackberry and country red raspberry, to the more unique flavors such as jalapeno jelly and lemon curd.

Humboldt Hotsauce

Born when two great friends sat around the Thanksgiving table to play music and enjoy exquisite food.

Their hope is that your family and friends can enjoy Humboldt Hotsauce in your pursuit of a passionate life filled with music, friends, and fine food.

The Emerald Sauce won First Place at the 2016 World Hot Sauce Awards in Lafayette, LA in the mild category.

Humboldt Chocolate

Humboldt Chocolate is a small chocolate manufacturer located in rural, coastal, northern California. Thei factory is nestled in historic Old Town Eureka. Their recipes were born in the Netherlands with the original owner and have been created in the Humboldt Bay area for over 25 years. We use high quality, simple ingredients and source local products whenever possible. Their chocolate is non-GMO and their bars are All Natural with No Preservatives. All of their  fillings are hand made and carefully placed in each bar. It smells so good in their kitchen when I visit them to pick up orders.

They continue the tradition of producing premium quality chocolates by hand. It’s very impressive that they continue to support our local community and provide jobs. They pay people, not machines. All of their indulgent chocolates are hand crafted, hand foiled & hand wrapped. Every piece has a human touch. They strongly believe that this labor intensive process creates a special product and a unique bond with our customers.

Drakes Glen

Sandra and Michael have many different types of chocolates all made by hand using natural ingredients. They deliver chocolates that are made fresh, so the taste is exceptional. The chocolate they use is made bean to bar in California, is fair-traded and contains no gmo’s! They are located in Arcata, CA, close to Humboldt State University.

Humboldt Bay Coffee Company

Humboldt Bay Coffee Company is a Northern California micro roaster of super-premium coffee, including organic, fair trade, shade-grown, and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees. Both single-origin coffees and custom blends are available at wholesale prices to all. They also provide commercial coffee service and beverage supplies to businesses throughout the region of Humboldt County, California.

Humboldt Bay Coffee Company roasts and sells coffee and related products to coffee houses, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, natural food stores, and other businesses. Certified organic coffee accounts for more than 50% of all their coffee sales.

Bless My Soul

Our award winning lines of Sweet Mama Janisse Brand Sauces™ are packaged in a gift basket showcasing her blue ribbon sauces utilizing her award winning recipes.

Mama Janisse has made the gift of good taste with a Southern style twist. These aren’t just ordinary sauces, these are sauces with soul.

Marie has shown off her tasteful talent with her award-winning sauces. Sweet Mama Janisse’s Brand Sauces over the years have won over 30 1st place medals and awards locally in the Humboldt County community and internationally at the World Wide Mustard Festival.

Redwood Monastery Honey

Carefully prepared with loving care here at the monastery, our Monastery Creamed Honey® makes a delicious and unique gift.

Made with raw honey and 100% organic flavors, creamed honey makes a wonderful alternative to jams and jellies and will quickly become your favorite spread!

Each jar contains 8 oz (226 gm) of pure joy.

Flavors: Anise, Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Original, Almond.

Humboldt Spice Company

At Humboldt Spice Co., spices are their passion. They use only sea salt and certified organic herbs and spices to create uniquely original spice blends that will excite your palette and compliment a wide variety of foods.


For years, the Mazzotti’s restaurants have brought the North Coast the finest Italian food possible! Starting in the early 70’s, Mazzotti’s opened originally in Huntington Beach, California, where Clyde Mazzotti and his family served original recipes over the counter to a loyal and regular clientele. Through the years, Talia and Joseph relocated from Huntington Beach to Eureka, Now open for over 10 years, this Mazzotti’s is by far the flagship restaurant of the Mazzotti family!!


Located in the Northern California Sacramento Valley, with the intersection of California State Highway 20 and Interstate 5, lies Northern California’s best Italian Americano restaurant. Granzella’s has been serving the public since 1976 and provides an experience like no other. With its old world charm, every department has a unique piece of history and comforting inviting atmosphere. Weather you are looking for a good steak, to the best pasta, hand packed jars of olives, spices and garnishes, espresso, ice cream, Italian Gelato or a cool place to hang out in Northern California; our casual restaurant, deli, bakery and sports lounge provide a family friendly menu that suits everyone’s tastes and budget.

Ridge Top Jerky

Ridge Top Beef Products is a premium line of beef jerky made from 100% grass fed beef by a family-owned ranch with a long history of raising grass fed cattle long before it was popular. They needed an identity to establish the high quality and traditional values that went into making their products. Part of that branding was a tagline that went beyond identifying them with the sustainable, grass fed beef industry. We took the phrase “Grassfed Beef” one step further with “Pasture Grazed,” evoking an image of free-range, grass-munching cows.


Tomaso’s Specialty Foods began in 1989 as a producer and distributor of fine Italtian sauces. Following the Italian philosphy “From Garden to Table” Tomaso’s produces Italian sauces in the classic Italian tradition – only the finest ingredients and made with loving care. Since 1989 Tomaso’s has grown and now produces other specialty products including salsa, dressings, calzones, and pizzas and distributes locally made products to grocery stores in the Humboldt County area.

Beck’s Bakery

At Beck’s Bakery we value relationships, nutrition & good flavor. That is why we go the extra mile to purchase locally grown grains directly from the farmer & stone mill them ourselves on our own granite grist mill. We actually know our farmers, their families, and even their dogs…we’ve walked the wheat fields with them and have helped bring in the harvest with them. We are one of only a handful of bakeries in the US that makes bread this way. It is an honorable way to craft bread and we are proud to be able to offer this unique wholesome product to our community.

Diane’s Sweet Heat

JAM WITH ATTITUDE??!! That’s right, attitude. All natural fruit jams with a habanero ZING to send your tastebuds dancing. Staple Flavors: Raspberry Blackberry Peach Mango Spice up any appetizer or snack, spread over your daily bread or slather on wings/ribs/fish tacos. Sweet Heat everywhere.


The original larrupin sauces made and served by Dixie and Per at their Larrupin’s Cafe for 30+ years thank you for your support and appreciation.

Deserts On Us

Lacey’s Cookies SENSATIONAL RECIPES USING THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS We have been making distinctive and delicious desserts since 1990. Our gourmet products are made with the freshest high quality ingredients and no preservatives. Almond/Dark Chocolate & Macadamia/Milk


This year Roy’s Club owners Evo and Catherine Fanucchi are celebrating the restaurant’s 70th anniversary at the same location at 218 D Street in Old Town Eureka.

“The story of the Fanucchi family starts before the depression and takes us to current day. It reminds us that early on in our community’s history, there was a strong Italian presence in Humboldt County. Our local history is rich with architectural and cultural history. It is worth the trip to old town just to sit at the bar and hear stories from Evo,” he said. Evo Fanucchi, now 93 years old, still serves drinks every Friday at the bar he built years ago, illuminated by his handcrafted copper lights that hang from the ceiling.

The couple has maintained as much tradition as possible while modernizing Roy’s where it made sense. The eatery still uses the first pizza oven in Humboldt County to bake their pizza pies. But a 1998 addition to the building allowed Roy’s to expand their wholesale operations and make pastas, salad dressings, and marinara sauce among other things. Their production of Roy’s Italian products allow people to enjoy premium, restaurant quality food that they can prepare at home. The salad dressing, marinara, pastas & polenta mix can be found at Bella Baskets.