Our response to Covid-19: We wish the very best for each and every one of you to stay safe as we all get through this. In the mean time we are figuring things out here to start deliveries back up as normal. We are currently working on outsourcing local labor to meet the demands. If you are interested in local product delivery, please fill out your request in the contact page. You do not need to order a basket to receive products. Shipping and delivery charge may apply. It has been our pleasure to serve Humboldt County for 15th years now! Delivering Humboldt’s favorite local products across country and beyond!! Thank you for all of your local support!❤️


Bella Baskets, “Home of the Humbolicious” where you can shop for all of your favorite local products. All beautifully arranged in hand-woven willow basket, topped with an elegant silk hand made bow or bountiful colored raffia. Don’t need a basket? It’s okay, request a gift box!

Enjoy giving local! Our local culinary artists create, perfect and deliver fresh in person. Most of the time the jars are still warm! Freshly baked, freshly cut and packed with the labels applied usually by hand!

From their hands to our hands and soon to be in your hands. Feel free to ask about our Vegan, Organic and Gluten Free/Sugar free selection too!

Home of the Humbolicious!

Check out with our easy choices for your recipients palate. Request  your theme and we will do the rest. We will ship most anywhere and we deliver fresh everyday!

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