Celebrating our 15th year of serving Humboldt County! Due to high demand, we are experiencing two to three day turn around. However, this doesn’t rule out same day service, depending on your order. We Ship & We Deliver daily. We do NOT ship on Thursday’s or Friday’s due to the heat. Thank you for being patient with my website, as I am currently working on updating it. Many thanks for your for all of your local support! All of our local makers and myself greatly appreciate it! 💕


Bella Baskets, gateway to the Humbolicious where you will find most all of your favorite local Humboldt specialty gourmet foods and more.

Enjoy giving local! Our local culinary artists create, perfect and deliver fresh in person. Most of the time the jars are still warm! Freshly baked, freshly cut and packed with the labels applied usually by hand!

From their hands to our hands and soon to be in your hands. Feel free to ask about our Organic and Gluten Free/Sugar free selection too.

Home of the Humbolicious!


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